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Welcome to Rassias Language Programs
ur 30th Year offering distinctive, quality language immersion

Dear friends, Like you, we have been concerned about the acts of terrorism that have occurred recently in both Paris and Brussels. Because we are a small, family-run organization, we are able to be quite nimble with our plans. We feel that a conservative approach makes the most sense. To that end, our program will now depart from the Montréal airport and land in Marseille. We will eliminate the two days in Paris and add additional days to the current stops presently in our itinerary. And at the end of the program we will return from Marseille to Montréal.

If you would like details on these changes or at any other questions about the program, please call or email us at anytime.

And thank you for your interest in our programs.

Bill Miles, Rassias Language Programs

Rassias Programs features 3 exciting opportunities to study and travel abroad for high school age students - one each in France and Spain for applicants who have completed a minimum of two years of the target language - And a program in Perú for advanced high school students with prior Spanish foreign study experience (to include Gap year students).

For middle school students, we have a 12 day (with optional extension) program in Spain.  For all programs, our teaching staff can accommodate from 2 to 4 levels of language ability.

And, we can construct several custom programs (from a few weeks to a semester to a year during the summer and throughout the school year to include Gap year students) as we have the contacts and flexibility in all three countries.  

China - a special note: For several years, we have offered a diverse program in eastern Tibet, the home of a good friend and Dartmouth's first ever Tibetan graduate - mandarin instruction, homestay, cultural immersion in the Buddhist life.  This year, we will offer it in conjunction with a local private school.  For details and availability, please contact us if interested. 

We are renowned for our personal touch, skillfully crafted programs, dynamic teaching methods, close personal ties to our host regions, and above all our highly qualified and knowledgeable staff. Read the staff bios and learn how staff is attracted to the Rassias name and how we run programs.  Our time proven mix of these ingredients gives Rassias summer program participants a one-of-a-kind experience! Our wonderful programs are based on the Rassias Method, invented by Professor John Rassias of Dartmouth College.

Looking for High School summer language programs.

Looking for advanced programs for High School and above ages
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Thinking of applying?

We accept applications at any time and review them monthly starting in December. In this economy, it's always worth applying even if it is late Spring. Click on the "apply now" or passport button above and to your left to download an application and be sure to call us if you have any questions at all.



Arles, France
Arles, France
Advanced Spanish in Peru
Advanced Spanish in Peru
  Gijón, Spain
Gijón, Spain
  Middle School Program
Gijón, Spain

Looking for information on Professor John Rassias, the Rassias Center for World Language and Culture at Dartmouth College or the ALPs summer language institute at Dartmouth?

The Rassias Center website

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Special Note: New for summer 2016: Advanced Spanish in Perú (11th, 12th, Gap, and college 1st year students). Call or email us for details, 1.603.643.3007 / info@rassias.com.


John Rassias, the William R. Kenan Professor of French and Italian, Emeritus, passed away on December 2, 2015. His name will be tied forever with the Rassias Method also called the Dartmouth Intensive Language Model, his unique style of instruction that aims to make the student quickly comfortable and natural in a new language...

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Dear Mr. Miles,

I have been home for (I believe) exactly 2 months now, yet I still relish upon my experiences in Spain every single day. For that matter, I still talk to many of my friends daily.

I thought I would just share with you my experience on the Spain trip this summer. The night before I left for JFK, I was extremely nervous. Everyone in my family was sitting in my room as I packed, which made me already homesick, although I was still in my own house (if that makes sense). Before this trip, I had never traveled anywhere by myself except to once to visit my friend, but only for a...

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